1 Aug

k1llsen at ESG

From now on we are entering the Quake Champions competition. The player we are allowed to present to you today is known all over the world and belongs to the most successful German Quake players.

We are looking forward to introduce you to our new Quake Champions player Marcel "k1llsen" Paul. Many of you may be familiar with the name k1llsen from the quake and overwatch scene. Marcel is the leading German representative in Quake and he also represents us internationally. Since he qualified for the EU regional tournament, which is hold while the 05.-06. August in Leicester, he will already appear under the flag of ESG. There, the 24 best duel players compete against each other to qualify for the QuakeCon finals, where a prize money of $ 1,000,000 is awarded.

But that's not all, we can also welcome the players abso, MASTERMIND and ph0enX who have also qualified as a team together with k1llsen in Sacrifice mode for the EU regional qualifier.

We wish the players success in Leicester and warmly welcome them to ESG.

For those who dont know me yet or forgotten me in time - I am k1llsen, 30 years young! And my strength is the shooter area - especially Quake Duel. Since 2004/5 leading German representative at various international events from Dreamhack to ESL IEM in Quake 3, Quake 4, Quake Live, and now with Quake Champions, I am glad to be able to build on my abilities and achievments.

In our talks, we quickly agreed that we want to form the top in Quake Champions together. Starting with the European Quakecon Duel Regional Qualifications on 5 August. I look forward to the cooperation!

In addition, we also have the opportunity with Euronics Gaming to get us together with the team "Avengers" for Quake Champions in the team mode Sacrifice and to get full support, where the qualification for the Quakecon will be played on August 6th. Thank you at this point for this tremendous trust!

- Marcel "k1llsen" Paul , Quake Champions player