Brand Guidelines

In these guidelines, you’ll find how to utilize our image and brand assets, please respect these rules as they apply to all media including broadcasts, tournaments, press notes and social media. Do not alter any of the logo proportions and keep them free of filters and effects.

The Logo

Different variations and more.

ESG pure black (transparent)

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ESG yellow star (transparent)

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ESG pure white (transparent)

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ESG colored container (transparent)

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Our colors and more.

Euronics blue

Pantone 7687c
C100   M80   Y0   K18
R29   G66   B138
HEX #1D428A

Euronics yellow

Pantone 7408c
C0   M20   Y100   K0
R241   G196   B0
HEX #F1C400

Euronics grey

Pantone Cool grey 8
C0   M0   Y0   K43
R170   G170   B170

Euronics black

Pantone Process Black
C0   M0   Y0   K100
R0   G0   B0
HEX #000000